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Flouro coat Egypt has medium to large batch ovens for production order processing, and a flat belt conveyor ovens for high-volume production processing. Large batch ovens up to 150 cm. X 600 cm long. All of our ovens are built to process coatings at temperatures up to 600C. Our pre-treatment lines include grit blasting operations along with large tumble. Phosphate and anodizing (soft or hard) are available by suppliers. Furthermore, automatic and semi-automatic coating application machines exist to apply accurately controlled coatings.

Flouro coat Egypt has a good quality control system over its products. coat thickness can be 8 +/-1. Umm. Gloss, thickness, angle of contact surface roughness and volt break down are routine checks. Means, well-equipped testing facility. We test to compare new coating materials from sources around the world to what we use.

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