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Flouro Coat offers two different coatings to meet your production needs or preference. Below is a table showing the basic differences between our pan coatings performance Coat type release no. Oil reduction colour FDA surface roughness Silicone 600 Up to 50% clear Yes .4 umm Flouro polymer 3500 Up to 100% green or black Yes 1.2 Silicon glaze are usually applied for cake application Flouro coat are usually applied for bread bakery and corrosion resistance. Need custom pan sizes, mould designs or configurations? Flouro coat can design a pan to meet your specific baking needs. Our only requirement is a minimum order of 250 pans. We can create pans to your specifications including:

• Overall pan size and mould configurations

• Unique mould designs for signature products

• Pan materials – aluminum, aluminized steel, stainless steel, etc.

• Pan coatings – Teflon, day neon, silicon glaze.

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